Sports Travel Magazine

Since 1997, SportsTravel Magazine has served the sports‐related travel and event industry. It is the only publication written and designed to serve the people who organize, manage and host sporting events of all types at all levels.

The team at SportsTravel Magazine was initially looking to replace their current WordPress theme with a new out-of-the-box theme. After reviewing their current WordPress setup and hosting I made a few recommendations in terms of database, filesystem and hosting setup and they agreed to an expanded scope of the project to be a total site cleanup, new theme integration and modifications and a new hosting setup.

Customized homepage widgets include the Bid Bowl Widgets which allows for a custom subhead of a Bid Bowl Deadline as opposed to a publish date.

Working closely with the SportsTravel Magazine team I set up a new dev site with a fresh WordPress install and did a cleanup of the filesystem and database. We then moved on to the new theme and making modifications to work with their content. The cleaner, faster, better site went live without any hitches and has been running smoothly since.

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