MXR Clone Looper with a Marshall DSL40CR

Tom’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

I’ve found that a looper is good for a couple of things. Practicing solos over a rhythm track and and experimenting with complimentary rhythm tracks. I’ve used my MXR Clone Looper to jam with a keyboard player friend but I would not use it for any larger jam sessions. I feel like it would be too hard for everyone to stay in sync with this relentless little box looping indefinitely.

I originally placed my looper at the end of my pedal chain, going directly into my DSL40CR. This works but the problem is, if I change the sound of the amp, the looped track changes as well. So if I want to solo with overdrive over a clean rhythm track the clean track gets overdriven as well.

Nice thing about the DSL40CR is it has an effects loop. The effects loop allows me to pass sound through the amp bypassing the amp’s preamp. This allows me to have a clean track play through the amp while soloing with overdrive at the same time.

The setup looks like this:

With this setup the looper will record the sounds coming out of the amp, including any effects and store that as the loop. When it’s played back, because it’s bypassing the preamp, the sound is not modified even if I change the from a clean to overdriven sound on the amp.

Playing along with the looper is a lot of fun and great for practice. The MXR Clone Looper allows you to record unlimited tracks on top of one another so you can get pretty crazy. It can also record takes up to six minutes each so you can basically record a full song and play over it.

The only reason I give it 4.5 stars is I find the sound quality of the playback to be ok. It’s not horrible or anything and I expect some degredation but I wish it was a little better.

Get yourself a looper and have some fun!
Get yourself a looper and have some fun!
Get yourself a looper and have some fun!

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