CBS Radio Station Help Center

Part of the suite of internal corporate apps I project managed and built with my digital team at the CBS Radio Digital Media Group was the CBS Radio Station Help Center.

The Station Help Center provided documentation to the 100+ CBS Radio stations on how to manage all aspects of their website. Documentation could be searched or browsed by most recent or most viewed. It also included a help ticket system, a feature request system, announcement and statistics on bug fixes. The Station Help Center was accessed by all of CBS Radio Corporate as well as the 100+ CBS Radio stations across the US.

I created the design language for all of the internal corporate apps and coded a global css file that was shared among the apps to handle the standard UI elements. Most of the apps were built using a Python framework. In addition to the design of the apps I managed the team responsible for building and maintaining all of the internal corporate apps, as well as coded much the backend of the apps in DTML, HTML, Python and PHP.

The CBS Radio Station Help Center managed documentation and help tickets for the 100+ CBS Radio station websites.

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