Art Agency, Partners

Working with the in-house teams at Sothebys I created a custom WordPress theme for the Art Agency, Partners website. Design mockups were provided by the design team and content direction was provided by the editorial team. Post-launch I worked on a major design overhaul with the editorial staff as well as adding many new features along the way.

  • Development: WordPress, PHP, Hosting, Documentation, Training
  • Design: Responsive Site Design, HTML, CSS (SCSS), Javascript (JQuery), Graphics

The Art Agency, Partners website has a somewhat unique editorial workflow in that content is published as as an “Issue” containing a group of related articles. On alternating weeks the Issue is a Podcast. It’s more of a traditional print workflow as opposed to a blog where content is published continuously. I created a custom post type for Art Agency, Partners that allowed for this workflow where articles could be grouped together. The custom post type also allowed for an Archive of previous Issues.

Custom page layout, Articles by Contributor, for

The Art Agency, Partners website also uses a custom Author setup that allows for Authors to be listed separate from the post Author (or Editor in this case). Multiple authors can be assigned to a single article and the Contributors page allows for browsing of Articles by Author.

Custom responsive navigation for

A custom, responsive navigation was set up such that content could be assigned to groups.

Custom, responsive slideshow built with Cycle2 JQuery plugin for

Many out-of-the-box slideshows were not ideal for the Art Agency, Partners website in that they contained extra spacing or features such as commenting that was not needed. I created a custom design for the slideshows that maximize the space that the images take up. This included having the captions limited to one line by default with a button to expand out captions that were longer than the caption space accommodated. Stop, Play/Pause, Next and Previous buttons were also kept to a minimum.

Custom Podcast page for

Podcast pages on Art Agency, Partners included a custom design for the player as well as features to include transcripts, host and guest bios and related content.

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